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Seasonal Cleanup

Spring and Fall Cleanup

Spring and Fall CleanupSpring is a great time to do some cleaning on the outside of your home. After a long winter, there are bound to be old leaves, untrimmed grass, and bare spots in your yard. After all, very few people do yard work throughout the winter in Michigan.

Here’s how Dan’s Green Side Up will take care of your lawn in the Spring:

  • Service may include De-Thatching which pulls a healthy amount of dead grass that was killed during the winter season. We mean healthy almount because leaving a little of the dead grass is actually good for your lawn. We use our specialized equipment to remove the debris and haul it away, to ensure a beautiful looking lawn going into the growing season.
  • Clean up debris – This includes limbs, leaves, trash, plow damaged turf and anything else that accumulated over the winter months.
  • Cut back overgrown bushes and shrubs. Fall and winter have provided the perfect growing opportunity for bushes and shrubs in your yard, which is one of the main reasons why you need to trim them back.
  • Reseed any grass, because the winter may have killed off some areas of your yard.
  • In some areas there may not have been enough moisture during the winter months for your yard. Providing it with some water via your sprinklers may be just what it needs to start the green up process and begin to grow.
  • Cut grass if needed. If you have had a lot of water mixed with warm temperatures, spring may require that you cut your grass. Doing so will not only improve the appearance of your lawn but also help stimulate turfgrass growth.

Fall Cleanup

Fall Cleanup

Just a casual mention of Fall is enough to cause an anxiety attack for those who own a tree laden yard that requires raking and leaf removal.

Let Dan’s Green Side up help you by taking away your stress and let you enjoy your lawn in the fall.

  • Blow out any landscaped areas so they are free of any leaves or debris.
  • Mulch grass and leaves so that your lawn is clean. Remove debris as necessary.
  • Aeration process in which we take 2 1/2 to 3 inch plugs out of the lawn. This helps to provide channels for the roots of your grass grow deeper for winter and to ensure a faster start-up time in the spring.
  • Winterization of the irrigation system to prevent pipes and sprinkler heads from freeze damage. This will make the start up of your system in the spring a little easier.
  • Tree pruning or removal of damaged trees as needed for increase health of lawn.
  • Late season fertilization for a healthy law coming out of the winter
  • Post emergence weed control is best when applied in the Fall.