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Insecticide Application

Grub damage to a lawn

Grub damage to a lawn

A healthy lawn is a lawn that contains many insects in its turfgrass environment. Most insects that live in your lawn are very beneficial to turfgrass health and perform ecological roles to help control many other pest populations from exploding. Most pesticides applied to home lawns and landscapes may be unneeded or ineffective to the target pest. Poor timing and misapplication are common and may kill or reduce the beneficial insects along with the intended insect target pests.

The Dan’s Green Side Up team has more than a 25 years experience and education with Integrated Pest Management strategies. We are certified in multiple pesticide application categories required by the Michigan Department of Agriculture (MDA) – Pesticide and Plant Pest Management Division as stated in Regulation 636 regarding pesticide use. We also have obtained the Pesticide Applicator Business License (PABL) required by all businesses offering pesticide application services for hire, which includes bidding on contracts and advertising.

Unfortunately, when the threshold of the pest population exceeds your lawns ability to recuperate from the damage left behind by the pest, your lawn may need the proper application of an insecticide product to reduce or control this pest invasion. We can identify the problem, manage the issue and monitor the results according to the level you desire.