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Application Services

Greener than the neighbors

Is the impact of your current lawn application management program a concern with how you are impacting and protecting the environment? Let us show you how the Dan’s Green Side Up can create an individualized program that is specific to your property, helping you take control of these important inputs.

Dan’s Green Side Up is licensed with the Michigan Department of Agriculture and Rural Development (MDARD business), insured, and has over 30 years of experience, continuing education, and knowledge of chemical utilization inputs for your lawn. We use only the highest quality custom blended products that are backed by the manufacturer and their distributors.

Cultural Management of Turfgrass

Cultural management of turfgrasses include mowing, fertilization, irrigation, cultivation, and pest control. Development of a specific turfgrass cultural system requires good judgment, based on sound agronomic principles. We utilize an integrated cultural system approach that is based on climate, soil, labor inputs, types of equipment, size of budget, and the capabilities of our company.

The desired quality of turfgrass surface maintained for your lawn is achieved through proper use of cultural practices. The micro-environment of the turfgrass plant can be modified to ensure the best possible growing conditions. The composition of the turfgrass community can be maintained or altered by the types of cultural practices employed.

A turfgrass cultural system is developed through the integration of various cultural principles and practice with the objective of achieving a specified level of turfgrass quality and appearance. Of major importance is the role that turfgrass cultural practices play in your system on integrated pest management. These practices are constantly monitored and adjusted, not only for their direct effect on turf quality, but also on their potential prevention of invasion of turfgrass pest populations. The cultural practices of an integrated pest management program are essential for maintaining your lawn system at the highest quality while being environmentally sound.